Sharm El Sheikh

A world-acclaimed dive center and the most developed of the Red Sea resorts, Sharm El Sheikh has many holiday activities, luxury accommodation and restaurants available. Most Sharm El Sheikh hotels and diving centers are situated four miles ( 7 km ) from the city at Naama Bay and it has become a busy holiday resort with plenty of shopping opportunities, late night entertainment and an attractive holiday atmosphere.

Parasailing in Naama Bay

Float on the wind above the infinite Red Sea as a parasailing boat glides you past amazing panoramic sights of the surrounding Sharm coast and Sinai Mountains. In Sharm el-Sheikh, and most precisely in Naama Bay, you can go parasailing by yourself (single), with a friend or your loved one (double) or even with two of your friends or family members.


Glass-Bottom Boat

It would be a shame to go to Sharm el-Sheikh and not be able to see all the underwater treasures of the Red Sea, only because you can’t dive, snorkel or even swim. A glass-bottom boat ride is what you need to see all the underwater wonders of the Red Sea. 


Yacht Dinner Cruise    

If you’re looking for an unbeatable romantic or totally crazy night out in Egypt, try the glamor of a Red Sea dinner yacht cruise. Departing from Sharm marina, the upscale dinner cruises have become a hit over the past few years.

Some of Sharm el-Sheikh’s upscale hotels, such as the Ritz-Carlton and the Domina Coral Bay have initiated this new trend. Imagine the candle-lit gourmet dinner you’ll enjoy with your tender one on deck, or the crazy party you’ll throw with your friends, miles away from the shore.



Karnak is an extraordinary complex of sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons and obelisks dedicated to the Theban triad but also

to the greater glory of pharaohs Experience of the ancient splendor of Thebes and explore the story of the Karnak


Elegant tomb in high hill in the west bank of the Nile its belong to leader of Ismaiela sect.

The Aga Khan liked to winter in Aswan for his health therefore buried here after his death in 1957.

The Island of Seheyl was sacred to the goddess Anukis,  also forming the First Cataract. On the island southern tip is

a cliff with more than 200 inscriptions, most dating to the 18th and 19th dynasties.

It is the place that contains the tomb of senior government employees to find the visitor to Egypt and there is more than a place called the tombs of nobles.

Its name meant both ‘elephant’ and ‘ivory’ in ancient Egyptian, therefore the island once played in the ivory trade.

The unfinished obelisk in Aswan shows us on landscape surpassed the ancient Egyptians in The art of construction

also the completed obelisk would have been the single heaviest piece of stone the Egyptians ever structure.

Kitchener’s Island a beautiful old park, decorated by Lord Kitchener since 1890, relaxing in Aswan Botanical Gardens with exciting vacation