5 STAR DELUXE ↵↵                   ————————————————— 5 STARS STANDARD

—- Zen Mojito Nile Cruise                                                                                                            —— Semiramis I Nile Cruise
—- Zen Monaco Nile Cruise                                                                                                          —– Semiramis II Nile Cruise
—- Amarco I Nile Cruise                                                                                                                —– Swiss Inn H/S Radamis I Nile Cruise
—- Amwaj Livingstone Nile Cruise                                                                                            —– Swiss Inn H/S Radamis II Nile Cruise
—- Nile Premium Nile Cruise                                                                                                      —– Emilio Nile Cruise
—- Kon Tiki Nile Cruise                                                                                                                 —– Grand Princess Nile Cruise
—- Nile Shams Nile Cruise                                                                                                            —– Miss Egypt Nile Cruise
—- Concerto Nile Cruise                                                                                                                —– Miss World Nile Cruise
—- Sabena Aljamila Nile Cruise                                                                                                  —– Regina Nile Cruise
—- Sabena Al Kahila Nile Cruise                                                                                                —– Nile Dolphin Nile Cruise
—- Royal Princess Nile Cruise                                                                                                     —– Princess Sarah Nile Cruise
—- Mövenpick M/S Royal Lily


—- CAIRO TOURS ↵↵                                   —————————————— SHARM EL SHEIKH TOURS ↵↵

—– Cairo: Private Airport Transfers                                                                                        ——-Sharm El Sheikh: Over-day Trip Luxor By plane                                        
—– Cairo: To The Egyptian Museum, Alabaster Citadel                                                   ——-Diving trip
—– Cairo: Tour to Memphis, Sakkara Pyramids                                                                 ——-Parasailing Sharm El sheikh
—– Cairo: Private Tour To Alexandria                                                                                    ——-Sharm El Sheikh City Tour
—– Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum                                                                             ——-Safari – Camel Ride – Bedouin Valley
—– Cairo: Private Egyptian Museum Collectibles                                                              ——-Go Kart Ride
—– Explore Cairo old Coptic and Islamic Monuments                                                     ——-Snorkeling at Tiran Island Trip By Boat
—– Cairo: Trip Giza Pyramids and Sphinx                                                                            ——-Sharm El Sheikh: Quad Bike Adventure
—– Cairo: Discovery Trip in Pharaonic Village                                                                   ——-Snorkeling trip at Ras Mohamed National Park
—– Cairo: Explore Luxor by overnight Train                                                                       ——-Sharm El Sheikh Airport Transfer
—– Cairo: Visit Pyramids, Memphis and Dahshur                                                            ——-Semi-Submarine Trip from Sharm
—– Cairo To Luxor Day Trip By Plane
—– Cairo Dinner Cruise
—– Riding a Camel at Giza Pyramids Plateau

HURGHADA TOURS ↵↵            ————————————————— MAKADI BAY TOURS ↵↵

—- Hurghada: Private Day Trip Luxor                                                                                     —— Scuba Diving From Makadi Bay                                              
—- Hurghada: Full-day Trip to Luxor                                                                                       ——Makai Bay: Hurghada City Tour
—- Snorkeling at Mahmya Island                                                                                               ——Makadi Bay: Snorkeling at Mahmya Island
—- Scuba Diving in Hurghada                                                                                                      ——Makadi Bay: Snorkeling at Sharm El Naga
—- Hurghada: Tow Days In Ancient Thebes                                                                           ——Dolphin Show from Makadi Bay
—- Sindbad Submarine Hurghada                                                                                             ——Makadi Bay: Super Sahara Safari
—- Super Quad trip Sahara From Hurghada
—- Explore Hurghada in City Tour
—- 3-Hour Glass Boat Trip with Transfers
—- Dolphin H Snorkeling Trip and Banana Boat Ride
—- Jungle Aqua Park Day Trip Ticket
—- Airport Transfer To Makadi Bay
—- Alf leila wa leila (1001) dinner show
—- Hurghada: Zodiac Temple Of Dendera
—- Hurghada 5 hours Quad Bike Safari
—- Dolphin House Snorkeling Hurghada
—- Hurghada – Day Tour to Cairo By Bus
—- 3 Hour Desert Quad Bike Safari
—- Snorkeling At Utopia Island
—- 3 Nights Nile Cruise Sailing Luxor – Aswan
—- Giftun Island Hurghada
—- Private luxor day trip from hurghada
—- Hurghada: Catamaran Trip
—- Private Tour to Cairo From Hurghada

El GOUNA TOURS ↵                    ———————————————- LUXOR TOURS ↵

—- El Gouna: Zodiac Temple Of Dendera                                                                       —— Luxor Full Day Trip Most Famous Attractions
—- El Gouna: Tow Days In Ancient Thebes (Luxor)                                                   —— Luxor Day Trip with City Tour, Safari & Lunch
—- El Gouna: Super Sahara Safari Quad                                                                         —— Balloon Trip: Sunrise over the Kings Valley
—- El Gouna: Sharm El Naga Snorkeling                                                                        —— Cairo Day Trip from Luxor by Flight
—- El Gouna: Snorkeling at Mahmya Island                                                                  —— 3 Nights Nile Cruise Luxor To Aswan
—- El Gouna: Hurghada City Tour                                                                                     —— Luxor To Zodiac Temple Of Dendera
—- El Gouna: Private Tour to Cairo                                                                                   —— Luxor – Sound and Light Show Karnak
—- El Gouna: Day Trip to Luxor
—- Jungle Aqua Park From El Gouna
  — Ma rsa Alam Tours
                    — Aswan Tours


                 — Alexandria Port Shore Tours

                 — Port Said Shore Tours

                 — Safaga Port Shore Tours

                 — Sharm El Sheikh Port Shore Tours

                 — Alexandria Port Shore Tours